The genius of University of Ulster, Coleraine

Up north here we have a nightmare of a parking situation( I have heard it is similar in Jordanstown).
Many a day I spend my mornings driving around looking at the usually always empty disabled spots as I catch eyes with fellow carpark space hunters I can not understand why the University year on year get away with charging us for a failing parking system.
You can clearly see how they are currently sorting it out,thats one less space. Cracking work.

8 thoughts on “The genius of University of Ulster, Coleraine

  1. Spoke to a graduate researcher the other day who spent 2 hours one morning driving around. Great way to encourage world-leading scientists to come to Coleraine!

  2. OMG!I know what Porsche your on about!It was always in the same spot where the tennis courts where.But I saw last week,there is a barrier round that spot,I think it has to do with the digging they are doing atm.Anyway,im glad I wasnt the only one who notice the Porsche!

  3. Yea from the looks of it they are moving the pedestrian crossing and ramps to where that Porsche would park. Also looks like it will take up two spaces rather than just the one.

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