The top of Fermanagh & the Great Wall of Cuilcagh


While I was back in greener and wetter pastures I managed to take a gaunt up to the highest point in all of Fermanagh and Cavan. Recently it has become even easier to make the 666metres(665m in some books) to the top with the building of a wooden walkway and stairs up the Fermanagh side of Cuilcagh. It even got itself a wee article in the impartial reporter, not that I am jealous.

IMG_8217.JPG IMG_8219.JPG


It’s a rather impressive structure and it made the walk a lot easier and a whole lot of a drier experience than I remembered. It shall be interesting to see what state a Fermanagh winter leaves it in. It does come to an abrupt end at the top and leaves the adventurer amongst the insane moon scape that is on the top of Cuilcagh. A flat barren top with no real features or points.



The limestone pavement, mixed with textures and shapes makes for an impressive location. It really got me thinking about Fermanagh and the abundance of gorgeous scenery and locations. This strange scenery is even used in Game of Thrones season 3 for Beric Dondarrion’s hideout. Which was filmed just down the road at Belmore Forest.

IMG_8218.JPG IMG_8394.JPGIMG_8393.JPG




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